What Our Clients Say

“….Very rarely does reality measure up to expectation, except in the case of a Dewson house…we have a magnificent dream home. Tim, there is evidence everywhere of your vision, attention to detail and desire to make us happy…. We are delighted to do whatever we can to promote Dewson Construction….”

Sam & Joan

“Your focus on quality construction and your attention to the details all added up to building our spectacular home. .. Working with our project manager, as well as, the very talented Dewson craftsmen, your team fine-tuned the project ensuring quality construction from the start…”


“….the renovation of our 200 year-old home and barn. After considering a handful of other companies that are respected locally for-their renovation work, we very quickly came to believe that Dewson Construction stands alone. We felt comfortable that not only did you share our vision, but that you jumped right into the project with us.”

Penny & Chris

“…After (8) months in our new home, our excitement continues unabated. Not a day goes by that one of us doesn’t comment on how much we love the house. Your company’s commitment to excellence carried throughout the design and construction phases….We greatly appreciate your generous commitment of time meeting with us and the architect to develop and refine the design. Your patience and thoughtfulness assured that the final plans reflected our dreams. You made us feel like your only clients. We often wondered how you had time for others…”

Vince & Kelly

“…..we appreciate your personal involvement in the pre-construction and design phases… Having a home built at a location that is two hours away demanded we have a builder that is trustworthy, a good communicator, flexible and provides the highest quality at competitive pricing….Follow-up attention to detail and customer satisfaction are attributes you should be especially very proud of….”

Stacey & Greg

“…Over the years, I have had several relationships with construction contractors, some of which were quite satisfactory. However, the services you and your company performed for us were dramatically superior to anything I experienced before…. You went out of your way to accommodate our schedules, often meeting in the evenings and on weekends to discuss the project.”


“…Your proposal was precise. The time and cost estimates were accurate and you adhered to them. The preliminaries and the execution were accomplished with thoroughness and sound professionalism.”