Custom Beach Front Home in Lewes, DE

This custom built beachfront home in Lewes, DE is a gorgeous example of what a beach front home can be. The entire house is designed to showcase the amazing ocean views. Large windows in the rear of the home let in plenty of natural light. The windows also allow the homeowners to enjoy the picturesque ocean setting all year round. Beautiful decks and a third-floor porch mean that these views, along with the ocean breeze, can be enjoyed from outside as well. It is a perfect home for enjoying beach living, giving the owners plenty of options to enjoy the outdoors.

There is plenty to look at inside as well. Modern design and fixtures add to the streamlined look of this modern home. Intricate details throughout the space show off the fine craftsmanship it takes to build a beautiful custom home. Every inch of the home has been carefully thought out and chosen by the homeowners. The three-story staircase adds a dramatic element and is truly a focal point in the home. It allows the homeowners to see all the way from the third floor to the first floor below. Meanwhile, the master bathroom is truly a show-stopper, with gorgeous tile work, custom features, and an ocean view.

Dewson Construction was chosen for this project because of our expertise in building homes and our reputation for having the highest standards in the business. Our customer service and ability to collaborate closely with the homeowners ensures that they are completely happy with their home. Years of experience building top quality custom homes means that we were able to deliver the very best for the homeowners. It also means that they were able to trust our team to bring this beautiful modern home to life.